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Our practice is focused on federal criminal and regulatory law, as well as complex civil litigation.

  • Antitrust

    We represent individuals and companies from a broad range of industries in federal and international antitrust investigations and trials alleging price-fixing, monopolization, bid rigging, and illegal boycotting.  »
  • Appeals

    We know that any winning strategy must include a thoughtful post-trial practice, ensuring that key issues are presented and preserved for appeal throughout the trial-court phase.  »
  • Commercial Litigation

    With well over 25 years of combined big firm experience, the lawyers at Boersch Shapiro are well versed in defending companies in high stakes commercial litigation. »
  • Environmental and Other Regulatory Matters

    Federal and state government agencies regularly make demands on, and seek information from, corporations and individuals in areas such as the environment, consumer protection, and banking.  »
  • False Claims Act

    We have been on both sides of cases arising under the federal False Claims Act, which provides for treble damages when an individual (a “relator”) identifies a situation where a person or entity has defrauded the United States.  »
  • First Amendment

    Our firm regularly represents individuals and hedge funds engaged in publishing and speaking about their analyses of companies and individuals engaged in accounting manipulations, insider trading, and fraud.  »
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

    Our experience representing corporations has taught us how to quickly and efficiently investigate suspicious transactions and allegations of foreign bribery, identify rogue employees, and interact with the government. »
  • Grand Jury Proceedings

    We have defended companies, corporate officers, and employees in federal grand jury proceedings across the country.  »
  • Intellectual Property

    We have experience with the intellectual property issues that are important to businesses today and that frequently arise in civil and criminal litigation – particularly trade secret issues under the federal Economic Espionage Act. »
  • RICO

    RICO cases are most often brought by criminal prosecutors, but sometimes form the basis for civil claims. The lawyers at Boersch Shapiro have experience in both areas. »
  • Securities, Wire Fraud, and Other Financial Matters

    As defense lawyers and prosecutors, we have handled complex matters and cases involving claims of securities and accounting fraud. »
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