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Experience working with some of the most renowned economic experts in the field


We represent individuals and companies from a broad range of industries in federal and international antitrust investigations and trials alleging price-fixing, monopolization, bid rigging, and illegal boycotting.  Our experience as former federal prosecutors is invaluable in guiding an individual or company identified as a “target” or “subject” through any antitrust investigation.

We work to avoid indictment and achieve early dismissals before protracted discovery begins.  Our deep trial experience allows us to handle a criminal trial or the parallel civil litigation that often arises after the announcement of a government investigation.

Representative Cases

  • In Re Qwest Communications International, Inc. Securities (D. Col.) was a federal civil securities fraud action, in which David Shapiro acted as one of the lead trial counsel in a preliminary injunction hearing at which Qwest fended-off the plaintiff’s attempt to seize the proceeds of Qwest’s yellow pages business.
  • United States v. Beker (N.D. Cal.) was the successful defense by Martha Boersch of a defendant charged with wire fraud relating to the production of night-vision goggles, in which the court entered a judgment of acquittal at the conclusion of the government’s case after a three-week trial.
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