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Securities, Wire Fraud, and Other Financial Matters

As defense lawyers and prosecutors, we have handled complex matters and cases involving claims of securities and accounting fraud. These have included defending corporate executives in response to SEC and private lawsuits, as well as to U.S. Attorney inquiries, for making false statements to the public, manipulating accounting records, trading on inside information, and breaching fiduciary duties.

The courts have construed the federal securities, mail, wire, insurance, and bank fraud statutes to cover a broad array of conduct. Federal prosecutors and plaintiffs frequently use these laws to bring fraud, false statement, and breach of fiduciary duty cases. Similarly, litigants have available to them California state laws, such as its unfair business practices act (Business & Professions Code §17200 et seq.), to bring claims against companies and individuals. As both prosecutors and private attorneys, we have successfully filed and defended against such cases in criminal and civil litigation.

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